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Closing The Gap: 

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How and why microfilm can close the technology gap caused by constant updates to PC operating systems, architecture, and storage.


Remastering NASA Space Images: 

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NASA’s photographic documentation of their 20th century race to the Moon forms part of one of the most significant historical records of our time. The photographic films and cameras used were arguably the best of their day, so why is it then, that the vast majority of the photographs appear to be of a low resolution, fuzzy and poorly exposed? 


Digital Check Story - Part 1: 

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An absorbing three-part story about Digital Check, ST Imaging, and nextScan. 


Mission Possible


Ashley Keil, IBML’s VP sales, EMEA/APAC discusses how BPOs and enterprises can close the gap to getting 100% data accuracy as part of their capture processes and business workflows


If you thought the missions IMF[1] agent Ethan Hunt undertakes in the popular action spy series are tough – or impossible - then spare a thought for CIOs, IT and information management professionals tasked with looking after company data. Their mission to manage data is getting considerably more difficult as data arrives from more sources, in more formats, of varied quantity and in greater quantities than ever before.

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Box Clever


Ashley Keil, IBML’s VP sales, EMEA/APAC, discusses how a mobile-based app combined with crowd sourcing can streamline the management, cost and access of records in off-site storage facilities

[Lower Image © Paul Smith
Muhammad Ali (Left) & George Foreman with the makers of the documentary "When They Were Kings," at the Academy Awards.]

It ranks one of the biggest upsets in sporting history.  The 1974 Rumble in the Jungle world heavy weight championship fight in Zaire saw challenger Muhammad Ali beat the punching power-house George Foreman – and bookies bet to win - by hanging so far back off the ropes he avoided the  punishing blows until Foreman eventually tired out.  Dubbed ‘rope-a-dope’, it flew in the face of conventional wisdom as a boxing tactic with Ali finally knocking Foreman down in the eighth round to win.  It certainly was boxing clever. 


In the world of records management and physical off-site storage, there is a case to box clever, too.   Organisations in the UK are estimated to store around 200 million boxes of information off-site managed by third party operators, with the document management services industry - which includes storage - worth over  £1.1 billion in 2020.

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