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Since 1995 our clients have turned to us as professionals to deliver consultancy and various types of business solutions both on time, and within budget.

We have now evolved from our information management background to also become publishers. We have managed the following for some years:

IDMi Magazine










[Information & Document Management international]

Born in 1969 the magazine has been through several title changes, mergers, and editors. The magazine is available in print and online.

ACPi Magazine










[Archiving, Conservation & Preservation international]

Born in 2019, the magazine is currently occasional but production is being brought into line with IDMi and will become a bi-monthly digital-only publication with crossover to and from IDMi Magazine.

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Our Services ....

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Publishing and Re-publishing


We already publish 2 B2B titles and are working on others. We can provide origination and design of entire publications for print and/or digital publishing. 








We are also specialist re-publishers which involves re-engineering original analogue or digital content in readiness for new print and/or digital destinations.




  • IM Project life-cycle* management

  • Curation services

  • Conversion (Files)

  • Migration (of content)

  • Assessment (of content)

Within the disciplines of:

- Information Management

- Document Management

- Document Control

- Records Management

- Archiving & Preservation

- Long-term Secure Storage

- Retrieval Systems

* From RFI/ITT through to secure destruction

We covers all types of content in both printed and digital mediums.


To date we have worked with:

- magazines

- documents

- drawings

- posters

- film

- microfilm

- photographic media

- postcards

- catalogues.

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United Kingdom

0044 (0)1807 580453

0044 (0)1807 580455

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