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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

First, a personal note ....


A photographer since 1959 (and that's not a typo,) I now mostly shoot architecture, landscape, figure, and fine art photography. I have been privileged to work with models of all ages, shapes, skin colour, and size, and all in various states of dress and undress.


Since 1970 I have used various filmmaking kit including a Standard 8 Russian clockwork cine camera, several Super 8 cameras, a VHS camera so large it had to sit on my shoulder, and in recent years, the much more compact and easier to use digital video format. All of these cameras have their own particular characteristics which define the way I work.

Filming mostly shorts, I cover a wide variety of subjects.



Mostly for my own pleasure, I have created several works over the years. These have mainly been graphics, though I hope to dabble in/with paint at some point.

Currently I am experimenting with various AI software programs which can create original art from text description input. (Sounds odd I know, but it works.)

Aside from that I compile and lay out a 32-page bi-monthly B2B magazine on the subjects of IT, document management systems, scanning, conservation etc.


A child of the 50's, loud music spoiled my hearing when in my teens. My eclectic love of music led me into digital composition the 90's when I dabbled with dance/trance, ambient, chillout and relaxation music.

More recently I have upgraded my music software and have rediscovered the delights of composition. Audio and visual influences such Hans Zimmer, Ridley Scott, George Lucas and many others ensure variety.

Question, comment and critique please

All are welcome using the email address at the foot of the page. Only in that way will I truly learn what makes a good image, and above all - what makes it 'fine art'.


(My own interpretation that is.)












Original image

(Straight off camera)



Fine Art? You tell me.
(This young lady reminds me a little of

the famous Afghan Girl image

used on the cover of National Geographic magazine.)
















Figure Study 1 - 2002

As mentioned to the left, I took my first photos at the age of 5 in 1959, but the image above was the best of my very first serious attempt at the fine art nude genre taken in 2002.

Since then I have worked with many beautiful women and have been lucky enough to accumulate an extremely varied collection of images - not all nude, but all fine and/or fine art in their own way.

BORN 1954

My own first photo shoot

Taken by the Queens Photographer in Ballater, on Royal Deeside in Scotland, this portrait of me was probably an expensive exercise for my parents at that time.

Three or four years later and I had my own first camera.


Compare it to the much, (much,) more trendy but somewhat sullen image below (taken some 17 years later at 19) and you can see the curls have flattened out.  

Me at 19 (1973)

Fast-forward to today and you have a trilogy of the passage of time.

Me, trying to look 'professorial'

at 65 (2019)

Enjoy your visit.

John Baker



Now I am semi-retired I can apply more time to many things. Family, friends, DIY and garden projects take up a lot of my time, but photography has been, and always will be a passion.


(Lists are not in preference order)

10 Places I would like to go . . . .

  • ​India

  • Iceland

  • Norway

  • St Kilda

  • Orkney/Shetland

  • Arran

  • Isle of Man

  • Austria

  • Venice

  • Prague

10 Photo-shoot Opportunities 

  • Cover ALL Scottish Tourist Routes

  • Go behind a giant waterfall (But where?)

  • Work with a professional figure model:

    • On location​

    • In a studio

  • Do a photo-shoot with Nigella Lawson

  • Helicopter over the Cairngorms

  • Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis (Malmo or Tromso perhaps?)

  • Rockies train (Canada)

  • Visit CERN

  • Do a travelogue editorial project

5 Photo-kit Clinical Cravings

  • Hasselblad HD50 + Lenses

  • DJI Drone

  • Photo-kitted Campervan

  • Nikon Full Frame + Lenses

  • A2+ Printer With Eco-tanks (Epson)

People I would most like to work with

on photography projects

  • Karl Taylor (Photographer/Trainer)

  • Joe Cornish (Photographer)

  • Annie Leibovitz (Photographer)

  • Colin Prior(Photographer)

  • Colin Baxter (Photographer)

  • Neil Oliver (TV Presenter/Chair of SNTS)

  • Paul Murton (TV Presenter)

  • Nigella Lawson (TV Presenter & Most Admirable Babe)

  • Gordon Buchanan (TV Presenter)

  • Jackie Bird (TV Presenter)

  • Sally Magnussen (TV Presenter)

  • Julia Bradbury (TV Presenter)

  • Alex Polizzi (TV Presenter/Hotel Manager)

  • Muriel Grey (TV Presenter)

  • Arlene Stuart (TV Presenter)

  • Nigella Lawson (TV Presenter & Babe)
    (I know, I know, that is twice I have mentioned her now!)

  • Sarah Beanie (TV Presenter)

  • Dick Strawbridge (TV Presenter)
    (From 'Escape to the Chateaux')


Also, alas all deceased . . . .

  • Francesca Woodman (Photographer)

  • Julia Margaret Cameron (Photographer)

  • Helmut Newton (Photographer)

  • Horst P Horst (Photographer)

All donations towards achieving any of the above - warmly accepted. 

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