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IDMi:124 digital edition now available | 124 in print - to be fulfilled ASAP (Exact date not yet known due to logistical issues within the EU)
| IDMi:125, the December/January issue is now under way |

IDMi:124 (October/November 2021)
Digital Edition OUT NOW!  - Print Edition ASAP (Late October, due to Brexit/COVID/EU logistics delays)

IDMi: In Print | In Digital | Online

... in PRINT
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From our beginnings as a microfilm newsletter in the same year the Americans landed on the moon, the magazine has been through various mergers and title changes.

Now, using the latest printing and publishing techniques, the magazine is better than ever, and in 2019 we celebrated 50 years of 'Keeping You Informed'.

... in DIGITAL
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The advent of digital has changed the way the publishing industry works. We now bring you new and exciting innovations quite impossible in print..

Over time we will unleash the full power of the digital magazine platform which will contain the same editorial and advertising content as the print issue, as well as additional functionality. 

... and ONLINE

Welcome to our new web site.

We strive to bring new innovation to our web pages, and we will add more content to the site in the form of articles already published and other content to bring our online presence in line with magazine content.

In addition, we will add more interactive items such as video, to further increase the user experience.and enhance the value of advertising with IDMi.