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IDMi Subscription Information

Subscription Options:

  1. Qualification

  2. Print Edition & Print + Digital Edition

  3. Digital-only Edition

    (NEW DIGITAL EDITION FUNCTIONALITY: Note that from issue 127 of IDMi, the digital edition may not be identical to the print edition. This is because there is now the functionality to allow additional content to be added to the digital version, even after it has been published. More information HERE.)

IDMi is published 6 times within 12 months. Contact: or go to

1. Do YOU Qualify for a Complimentary Copy of IDMi?


To receive regular copies of IDMi, you need to be one of the following:


Display advertisers only.

Paid Subscriber

Not strictly speaking a 'free' copy, but see below for how to subscribe.

Industry VIP

Status as a VIP is decided solely at IDMi management discretion.

PR Contact

If you contribute to, or are working with IDMi in a PR capacity. (Also includes media partnerships.)

Controlled Circulation Registrant

To receive regular copies of IDMi as a Controlled Circulation Registrant, please apply via email to: We will reply with qualification information

2. Print-only

(Print subscribers also have access to the lower resolution (72dpi) online digital edition of IDMi.)

Subscription options are:


  • Europe and Rest of the World

  • UK-only

3. Digital-only Edition

Digital-only subscribers are advised of the availability of the magazine via email. Subscribers can then download from a link in the email.
Note that the Digital-only Edition is in PDF format and is a full-specification 300dpi download and not the 72dpi version available on our digital platform at


  • UK and Rest of the World

How to Order a Subscription

We have several methods of accepting payment, and are continually reviewing these as well as looking at new methods such as Direct Debit for UK subscribers.

In order of our preference, the subscription methods are:

  1. Electronic payment via BACS/SWIFT/BIC/Internet Transfer

  2. PayPal
    Did you know:

    a) no PayPal account is required?
    b) you can use most credit or debit cards to pay

  3. Via ANY specialist corporate/institution subscription agency

  4. Via partnered online subscription agency web sites

Subscription Agency Discount - 10% Worldwide

NOTE: Payments are only accepted in GBP (£)

UK Pounds Only is a restriction on payment because in this day and age paper cheques do not sit well with banks, particularly if they are drawn on non-UK accounts or non-GBP accounts. We try to maintain subscription prices at a set level, but with ever-increasing postage costs, and increasing costs from the bank to process cheques - we prefer electronic payment. (Did you know the UK banks will charge in excess of £25 to process a cheque?) With printing and postage costs on top, we would make a loss on that subscription.

BACS/SWIFT/BIC/Internet Transfer

1.    Email with a request for an epayment of the subscription

2.    We raise a pro-forma invoice and email to you as PDF with the payment details

3.    You pay by BAS/SWIFT/BIC or direct internet payment

4.    We do the rest


Quick, easy, and you do not need a PayPal account and can use most credit or debit cards

Via ANY specialist corporate/institution subscription agency

1.    Select from the list of agencies or websites we work with in the list below

2.    Arrange the subscription and make payment to them

3.    They contact us with your details

4.    We do the rest

Subscription Agencies we currently deal with:

1.    EBSCO

2.    Harrassowitz (Germany)

3.    LM Information Delivery (Finland)

3.    Prenax (Incorporating Basch)

5.    WT Cox Information Services

Using Snail-Mail:

Accounts + Subscriptions + Editorial

intelligen Limited (Dept. IDMi)

Gordon House

The Square


AB37 9ET

United Kingdom



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