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IDMi Guides

To Access the Latest IDMi Guides


  1. Visit

  2. Go to Stacks

  3. Select the IDMi stack

  4. Select the most recent issue

All content is page numbered in the listing on Page 3 where you will find the page number(s) for the current guides.

We currently publish 4 guides covering:

  1. A4/A3 Scanners

  2. Book Scanners

  3. Microfilm Scanners

  4. Microfilm Writers

If you are a VAR, or OEM and you would like to contribute or amend listings, please email 

Large Format Scanner Guide

For a short period of time we attempted to run a Large Format Scanner Guide. We have now removed that guide as there has been no interest in it. Please email the above link if you would like to see this resurrected.

Other Guides

We would be interested in creating any of the following guides. Please email us above for more details.

  • Microfilm Film and Camera Film Guide

  • Specialist Scanner Guide (e.g. Cheque Scanners, Business Card Scanners etc.)

  • Large Format Scanner Guide (as mentioned above)

Below: IDMi Guide Pages (As seen on our digital publishing platform at

IDMi Guides.jpg
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