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Late in 2022 I discovered I gained immense creative satisfaction from using cutting-edge AI software as a creative medium. This page exhibits some of the themes with which I have already engaged. I am sure there are more to come.

All of the images should be classed as 'work in progress'. Some may appear odd in the detail if not slightly 'unfinished' in appearance.  This is in part due to the nature of the creative process as the images are created by initially defining a text description of what it is you want from the result. (So called text-to-image technology using artificial intelligence algorithms. Those algorithms poll millions, if not billions of existing images, then combine with many combinations of software settings. Like any art works these images will evolve over time from their first render through to finished article. (But then - is any work of art truly finished?)

All questions answered and feedback welcome to 
NOTE: Each gallery leads to more images on the same theme

Depicts several different AI produced glade locations, but all feature water, trees, sunlight, and the occasional figure bathing.

The title of this gallery is a giveaway. Images are grouped by sub-themes.

These images were created using the first AI imaging software I worked with. The format is different as was the range of parameters given to the software. I like the unreal abstraction. Because of the genre I have titled these for clarity/guidance on my thought process.

Visions From the Future
Like Queen Elizabeth (R.I.P.) science fiction has been in my life for as long as I can remember. I love the genre so it is no surprise some of these recent creations have a sci-fi theme.

Glass and Stained Glass
A lovely friend of mine, Debs from Paris, produces stained glass panels from scratch. I thought I would try to create some designs but on reflection, (no pun intended,) the results may be too complex. However visually, they are very appealing so they are included here.

The Library
When looking to produce something for the cover of the magazine I edit, (IDMi,) I found this combination of library images compelling.

Mostly defining cities around the world, I chose to depict days gone by when gas lamps were the norm. It's not all streets scenes though.

There are more galleries to come in 2023.

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