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There are 3 main sections to this page. Media Design, Illustrative, and Born-digital. Click on the header or the image to go there.

Media Design: As a magazine editor and publisher I am called upon to create page layouts and other work.
Illustrative: Using various software packages, I have illustrated a variety of articles and publications.
Born-digital: This simply means anything I have created which was not first drawn by hand. Analogue)

Striking covers are essential when producing a magazine. My 3 main publications are IDMi (B2B, ACPi (B2B), and Ai imaging (B2C). (Click main image)


Sometimes the only way is to create your own illustration. (Click main image)


Aside from digital images created in the like of Photoshop, more recent forays into the worls of AI imaging, in particular 'tect-to-image, have rendered some excellent results.

Fotor_AI - 2023-01-14T143315.190.png
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